My Favorite Fall Drink RN

With the wedding over and our first full week of marriage under our belts, today I wanted to try a new recipe I had literally been dreaming about. Not kidding, it keeps coming up in my dreams. I got to try the new Brew Dr. Kombucha from a Farmer’s Fridge event earlier in the week (post coming soon) and all I could think about was adding it to this new vodka I was sent and my all time favorite cocktail topper; bottle green.

image_6483441 (20).JPG

Vodka Kombucha

What you need:
Pint Glass
Brew Dr. Kombucha (or your fav)
Bottle Green Cordial
360 Vodka

What to do:
Literally, mix it all together. With Bottle Green, you don’t need much and while my pictures have a straw, it’s usually a sipping topper because it’s not a topper at all, it sinks to the bottom. Our family joke is that adding bottle green to any cocktail ends with you always asking for another. It’s the perfect amount of sweet and flowery that makes every drink perfect.

image_6483441 (18).JPG

Although this is a cold drink, if you need something warm, I’d swap kombucha for peppermint team. Yum.

What’s your favorite fall drink?