5 Things To Do Before A Big Event

I haven’t shared a lot of the details about our wedding yet as we’ve soaked in the first month as newlyweds but I’ll admit bridal brain is fading and I’m ready to relive it all over again. While this was the biggest party I’ve ever thrown and one of the more weirdly calming-yet-stressful situations to go through; there’s a lot of tactics I tried leading up to try and stay focused and as normal as possible.

To be totally transparent, these things did not solve bridal brain in the slightest, some of my closest friends told me 10 days leading up to the wedding all the way to walking down the aisle I was distant and while I tried SO hard to listen when being spoken to, I apparently had a glaze over my eyes like I was thinking about 100 things at once …oh and my (now) husband told me several times I had a twitch in right my eye LOL cute.

All that being said, I really narrowed down the top 5 things that made me feel good, confident and calm leading up to my wedding:

  1. Keep up your facial routine. A month out from the wedding I got a Hydrafacial at Refresh which was perfect. Especially because a week before the wedding my skin decided to freak out. I’ll be honest, you can tell from my other post that skin was so important to me, so for the week of to see dry patches, pimples and discoloration I was NOT happy. So I stopped back into Refresh a few days before the wedding and got a Go and Glow facial. This is the perfect treatment for irritated skin because it promotes oxygenation and circulation in your face which leaves it nice and rosy and glowy. It also eliminates inflammation and hydrates all at the same time. This facial was a literal life saver- I’ll be getting one before ever event going forward.

  2. Walk. Alot. I don’t think my dog has ever been happier during the last few weeks. I think one day I walked him for 2 hours because there comes a time closing in on an event that your brain can’t take anymore but the thought of sitting is actually torture so walking was actual medicine for me. Every day I put on a podcast, walked the dog and found a new path to concentrate on breathing and create a calming atmosphere.

  1. Drink lots of water. Water, tea, anything hydration based will be good for your brain during a weird brain fog only brides can explain. I didn’t think it was real, but bridal brain is totally real and it’s a weird feeling. I didn’t have the time, and really regret, but I would highly recommend doing a IV drip to keep your immune system strong and hydration on point before a big event like this. Milwaukee has a new location that locals have raved about.

  2. CBD oil. CBD has been a life saver for me since the spring, but I extra dosed up the few weeks before the wedding. CBD oil is found in cannabis and helps you maintain a calm mentality. Don’t worry, it doesn’t get you “high” and it totally legal! The brand I use is Pacific Daze (you can get 10% off with one of my girlfriend’s affiliate links if you’re into it!).

  3. Magnesium chews. Okay so I’ve gotten the calm magnesium powder before and loved it! It helped my digestive system and kept me from having serious panic attacks before bed. But, after a few months I kept forgetting to make it, or I just couldn’t be bothered tbh. I was scrolling on Amazon one day and found the same magnesium brand I use, but in gummy form and had to try it- total win and so easy. The sell out quick, and seem to be off Amazon prime right now so I’d jump on them quick!

Screen Shot 2018-11-13 at 9.52.57 PM.png

It’s so annoying of me to say, because I rolled my eyes at every person that said it to me leading up to this event, but make sure to allow yourself to feel good and not stress. It’s just not worth it. Oh, and these tips are perfect for every day life- you don’t have to go into full wedding mode to enjoy a good walk or treat yourself to a facial!