Beginner's Guide to a "Med Spa"

If you're new to the preventative game like me, you may be confused what the heck a med spa is. I was too, trust me! I've always been into the wellness game from doing yoga to lifting in the gym to talking walks but to be honest I had never really considered my skin as a preventative to (insert your insecurity or pain point here ;-)). 

TerressaNicole x Refresh Aesthetic Center

When Refresh in Whitefish Bay offered me a few of their services, I knew I would be the perfect person to try this out. Someone who doesn't particularly like to wash her face regularly and buys her face masks on amazon is going to give you a pretty honest breakdown! jk, kindof.

So what the heck is a med spa? The difference between a med spa and a "regular" spa is that there is a medical staff that works there. For things like botox, laser hair removal, or injectables; you need special medical certifications even though it's a cosmetic procedure. That's literally the only difference because the place is so relaxing, the music makes you want to take a nap (in a good way!) and the people truly try to make your experience a great one. 

So what services did you try?

Okay first things first, have you heard of dermaplaning? Because I am obsessed. I had heard of it on the streets before, but never really considered it. I genuinely didn't think I had a strong peach fuzz situation on my face, ya know? 

TerressaNicole x Refresh Aesthetic Center

Well, I did. Or do, however you want to declare it. Once I tried dermaplane I don't think I can go back. My skin felt LITERALLY like a baby's bottom but way more tough and structured (if we're getting technical, the face does have more muscles than a baby's butt, so you get it). I'm obsessed. If you don't have dermaplaning added to your regular aesthetic routine you need to do it ASAP. It helps your skin look brighter, tighter and absorbs your moisturizer way better.

And, for the record I had a makeup artist tell me that doing it yourself is super dangerous so beware. Having an aesthetician do it is probably your best bet. If you're feeling adventurous, Becca from Organically Becca has great at-home tips. 

Refresh Aesthetic Center

The other services I tried are: 

1. Go-and-glow facial

This was my favorite by far paired with a dermaplane treatment. I could leave for a meeting immediately with no redness- just glowing, hydrated skin. I'd be lying if I wasn't the type to get slightly embarassed walking around like a tomato face for a few hours but I can never seem to actually take time off (aka avoid meetings) between appointments so this was a total win for me. 

2. PCA peel

The PCA peel was the first treatment I did. Honestly, as a sensitive skinned lady and someone who's never done medical grade treatments before, I asked aloottttt of questions, which I'd encourage you to ask as well. Anything that is harsh on the skin should be communicated entirely to you, and you should never feel like you're being pressured. My aesthetician did a great job explaining to me what to do expect. 

3. 1 SkinPen treatment

I was super pumped to try this treatment because I have heard so many good things. I am pretty lucky that I don't have too many acne scares from early childhood, but have heard this is THEE treatment to do if you suffer from acne scares. A SkinPen is basically a microneedling procedure that can help rejuvenate your skin. I have a lot of hyper pigmentation and freckles (which I love, tbh)  so I was honest about wanting to even out my skin tone, produce collagen and have an overall better appearance without getting rid of those little frecks I love so much. I was warned that my skin may peel a little but honestly, it didn't for me. I was able to wear makeup just a day later (being precautious- they recommend just leaving makeup off the rest of the day after your treatment, I am just a nervous nancy) 

At the end of the day, honesty is the best policy. If you're nervous about anything or feel a procedure may not be the best for you- just be honest with the aesthetician! In my experience, there was zero judgement and I was comforted the entire step of the way. Do what fits into your life and helps bring you the most confidence possible! <3