The biggest challenges in organizing your own event

Woooo, here we are just a few hours after our July Blogger Collab Day event has ended and I have so many feelings! If you haven't seen on Instagram, myself and a friend have created a bi-monthly event that brings bloggers away from their computers and phones to connect and get content together in just a few hours. 

Our idea simply started as a way to connect and get content with local bloggers and has since turned into a mutually beneficial microinfluencer campaign with brand contributors. To say it's been a blast is an understatement. But there's always a few things that go wrong and while I want my Instagram and blog to be an optimistic place to go; I think it's important to bring up the challenges we've faced if you're ever thinking of hosting your own event! 

1. The fricking weather. 

We've now hosted two Blogger Collab Days here in Wisconsin, and both times we have had unusually strange weather with a plan of an outdoor shoot. The first one was in May, and it was 40 degrees. This time, the entire week leading to the event was perfect weather, and then we had thunderstorms the day of.  This is always a risk when doing outdoor shoots, but the pics are so gorgeous we generally risk it ;-). This time, a local business came in with 48 hours notice to let us host for them the evening of the event and we were sooooo happy. 

2. Not breaking the law. 

With the change in location and moving indoors to an established business, we now have to deal with liquor laws. One of our contributors was an alcoholic seltzer brand, which we couldn't drink on the premises at the business and had to move into a cash bar. To be transparent, I was really disappointed at first because as the person that manages the blogger and brand relationships; it was so special to me that we could provide food and drink for everyone without added cost. But, it totallyyyyy worked out and no one bat an eye at buying a beer or two. 

3. Keeping the creative ideas to a minimum 

My partner and I are both the creative types. We own our own businesses but our hearts flutter and eyes widen at the idea of executing creative ideas and bringing passion and personality to life. I can't tell you how many times one of us would text each other "what about this!", "should we try this!"- and we'd have to keep each other in check on what is actually possible. 


Overall, if you're thinking of hosting your own event, there's always someone to talk to! My DMs are always open, and other local businesses are usually open to discussing as well. Challenges are bound to happen (I mean, have you ever planned a wedding? God forbid) but the people and effort always outweigh the cons ;-).