How to set up Google Analytics for your Squarespace Site

I should start off by saying there are plenty of ways to see the data for your website. But, I'm a little old fashioned (this may be the only time you'll hear me say that...) in encouraging people to use Google Analytics as much as possible. Why? Because it helps breakdown any site you may or may not be growing in a user friendly way and efficient way.  

Squarespace has a lot of data built in for individual sites, but some requires you to connect to your Google Analytics account anyway, so let's just start off by getting that out of the way first thing ;-) 

First Things, First 

You'll need to sign up for a Google Analytics account. If you already have one- ohhh girl this is going to be so easy you'll die. To be honest, it's pretty easy anyway! 

  • When creating a Google Analytics account, you'll need to first go the marketing platform and sign in using your google account (you do need to have a gmail account for this). 
TerressaNicole Google Analytics Training
  • "Set up" analytics 
  • In the analytics page, on the bottom left, click "admin"
TerressaNicole Google Analytics Training
  • Once you click "Admin", you're in the setup wizard. Start with "Create Account" 
TerressaNicole Google Analytics Training
  • This will take you through naming the site you want to track and creating the properties. For the simple task of tracking data on your site- you won't need to do much, but as you can see there is a lot you can do on Google Analytics.  
  • Once you've gone through the "Create Account" wizard, double check that the properties have been created as well, this is where we'll get your code to track your site. You can see here that under the second column, I know a property has been created because it has my site name on it! 
TerressaNicole Google Analytics Training
  • Under the properties column, this is (finally!) where we're going to get the code to place into Squarespace to collect data. 
  • Click on "tracking code" and then tracking code again to get your Global Site Tag. 
TerressaNicole Google Analytics Training
  • Copy all of that code and go back to your Squarespace login page. You're going to follow along from the home page to settings --> advanced (under website) --> code injection --> header 
  • On your header page, you're looking at everything that is coded before your actual content for the entire site. We're talking fonts, references to style, andddddd.... Google Analytics Pixels ;-) 
  • By placing the code in the header section, this ensures that the tag is on all pages and can track whatever is happening on the entire site
  • You need to create a new line (don't delete anything!) and past all of the copy from Google Analytics into the header section line. 
TerressaNicole Google Analytics Training
TerressaNicole Google Analytics Training
TerressaNicole Google Analytics Training
TerressaNicole Google Analytics Training
  • Then, just save and you're all set 
  • Google says it will take up to 72 hours to start collecting data but don't worry, everything from when you placed the pixel in your site will start to be recorded. 

And, Viola! 

Just that easy. You're set to start collecting real time data immediately in Google Analytics, and in about 72 hours will be able to start seeing page data.