Top 5 places to workout in Milwaukee

On the continuation of what a “wellness journey” means to me, I thought I’d share my favorite ways to move my body. Let’s be clear, this girl does not workout everyday. In fact, I’d say it’s a great week if I can get to the gym 3 times. Which is what I’m aiming for. These are all places I’ve checked out over years and years of seeing what works for me. If you’re in the Milwaukee area, you gotta try these:

  1. Shred 4/15: This is a new studio to Milwaukee. The name explains the structure, it’s a HITT style workout with 4 circuits: 2 on a treadmill and 2 strength on the floors. What I love is that there’s a bad rap that comes with treadmill work, but the trainers do a great job of working your muscles laterally as well as vertically. I’ve never felt stronger as fast as I have doing these workouts, plus the music and instructors are perfectionnn.

  2. Cyclebar: This studio is what saved me from the bride-to-be stress breakdown. No joke. I tried Cyclebar in Mequon for the first time just a few months before my wedding and ended up signing up because I needed that emotional release with very session. It’s hard, but the community, music and challenge is totally worth it. I found an instructor I loved and connected with and would make an effort to join her classes anytime I could. If you love to dance and hate to run- this is your studio.

  3. Pure Barre: If you want to knock that ego down a few pegs, try Pure Barre in Whitefish Bay. Seriously, everytime I go I literally say to myself, “I can wear makeup, I won’t sweat that much” and then 15 minutes into class my smile turns into a weird furrowed, exhale breathing weird situation that probably gives the instructor a good laugh. It’s one of those funny situations where the instructor has such a calming, encouraging, maternal voice while they’re actually kicking your ass (in the best way possible). Barre is one of those workouts that will sculpt your body and mind in just a few sessions.

  4. Empower Yoga: Yoga allows for such a beautiful combination of both body and mind that you can’t ignore it. Generally, I will do a simple 15 min session at my home but if you’re up for going somewhere - Empower Yoga is where it’s at. They just opened a location in the Third Ward, and primarily teach up in Whitefish Bay. It’s one of the most affordable specialty studios in the city which means there’s no excuse for not making that class.

  5. Your house: yes. I said it. And you don’t even have to live in Milwaukee for this one! There’s so many different apps and videos you can reference now that if going to formal classes isn’t within your means; these are some great things to check out:

    • Ashy Bines: I found Ashy Bines because she used to focus primarily on booty building and I genuinely consider her body #goals. If only one could grow about 8 inches in height, right?

    • Kayla Istines App: Similarly to Ashy Bines, the app allows you to follow a challenge, use the comfort of your own home or check things out at a local gym. Either way, the results are crazy and her Instagram is fire.  

    • Lindsey of @NourishMoveLove is sooo motivating from the comfort of your own home and shows kickass workouts

    • Peloton App: I haven’t actually tried this, but I’m a huge fan of the Peloton movement and would totally be down to try it!

If you saw my last blog post, you know personal wellness and a genuine, vulnerable approach to life is my jam this year. No more pretending the donuts don’t count, no more avoiding happy hours with friends and no more refusing to step into the gym because you’re scared. There’s so many options in Milwaukee (and home!) for you to check out and you know you always have a friend to go with ;-). Me, I’m that friend. Hit me up on Instagram if you’re afraid to go alone.