My Nighttime Routine

There are two things I seem to bring up on Instagram daily; my hair and my nighttime routine. Because this has been going on for weeks, I finally filmed my nighttime routine and thought I’d breakdown all of the products for you. Make it nice and easy to pour a glass of wine and buy everything, you know?


I’ll keep this nice and short:

  1. I read on a blog post recently to apply dry shampoo at night and don’t rub it in. Let it sit there, trust me, it’ll be gone by morning. I use two kinds, the first is from Daily Dry Shampoo which I found when I started opening up about my non toxic journey earlier this year. Then, I follow it up with Monat Conditioning Dry Shampoo (which is sold out right now :( ) to keep my hair fresh and tie that mop right up in a bun!

  2. For skincare, I always start with a makeup remover wipe. The ones in the picture I got at a drug store, and never saw again. Yesterday I picked up the CLINIQUE Take The Day Off Micellar Cleansing Towelettes at Ulta and they're pretty great

  3. Witch Hazel was recommended to me by the brow queen herself when I had a terrible reaction to a facial last year. I personally use it as a toner before cleansing because my skin reacts better to it, but all of the beauty articles say to use a toner after cleanser. Use that info however you'd like ;-)

  4. At night, I use a coconut cleanser that a friend recommended when I saw her glowing skin last time I visited and couldn't stop staring. It's great for dry skin, especially in the winter.

  5. Charcoal brushing is a new one for me. During our weekly girls product chat (literally, 2 of my best friends and I have a group chat and we talk almost weekly about the products we tried) - I was told it is a great non toxic (HEYOO) teeth whitener. Follow up with a reg brush.

  6. Also at night, I use a face oil to keep in that moisture and Monat Rejuvenique is filled with essential oils that I've lovveedddd

  7. Put on something extra comfy and blog the night away

A nighttime skincare routine has become a huge part of my day. Not only does it allow me to unwind and do something for me, but it actively puts me in a good place for the next day! If you try any of these products, let me know on Instagram!