Feedback on my About Me page

As promised last week, I made a huge effort to extend my work to other people in different parts of the industry to get the best "About Me" page possible. Some of the feedback is great, some a little lack luster and some downright thought provoking. Check out the email I sent over, and the gurus I enlisted to help out: 

Free as a bird
insider design secret- the picture is totally involving my bird tattoos

made the bird vision come to life so beautifully at my shoot with  Alex Good  

made the bird vision come to life so beautifully at my shoot with Alex Good 

Hi, I’m Terressa and I’m so glad you’re here. I’m the free spirited type that just can’t seem to let things go. If I have a question, I’m going to ask it. If I have an idea, I’m going to try it. Although I went to college for marketing, I have wanderlust you can’t deny and I’m on top of the newest health trends as a personal trainer.

You can follow my ramblings on SnapChat and those oh-so-natural pictures on Instagram

Confirmed to send feedback:

Katie Washburn- Influencer manager at Suja and best friend since high school
Megan Baylerian- Branding Badass at The Busy Bee and #1 hugger
Nicole Handler - Copywriter and blogging friend 
Amalia Fowler- SEO guru and Canadian
Riva Treasure- Local Milwaukee Blogger and sweet, sweet soul
Eric Southwell- CEO Marketing Agency and my tell-it-like-it-is friend
Josh Arter- Social Media Guru and record-playing friend
JP- Detail-oriented entrepreneur and Instagram buddy 

Katie’s Feedback

Hey girl!
Happy to help! I think this is a good start! As someone who has known you for 10+ years, I want to see your personality show through a little more in the form of punctuation and/or emojis!! ;)

Something that I like seeing when I'm stalking influencers is the goal of their page. What will people be finding when they come to your blog? Ex: "Here I'll be sharing stories about my travels, new fitness trends that are popping up, and other random things that are happening in my life. Can't wait for you to join in on the crazy ride that we call life!" Something like that, minus the cheesiness- hehe

Depending on how in-depth you want this section to be, I would also mention where you live. When brands are doing region-based initiatives, this is super helpful. 

That's all I've got for now! Hope it helps!

Katie Washburn
Suja Juice
Manager, Marketing Partnerships

Josh’s Feedback: 

“Love it! No changes that I see”

Nicole’s Feedback: 

Hey hey!

This sounds awesome! I love your bird tattoos, so I love that you'll be showing them off. 

I love the intro, but I think you can expand on the last few lines. If you're blog is going to incorporate marketing things, I'd remove "Although" as it makes it sound like you don't do that stuff anymore. 

Maybe: "I have an actual degree in marketing and a self-proclaimed degree in wanderlust, so I'm always on top of the newest trends, especially if they're related to the health and fitness world (did I mention I'm a certified personal trainer, as well?). 

You can follow my ramblings on all things related to marketing, travel, fitness and more on SnapChat and those oh-so-natural pictures on Instagram."

Always here to bounce ideas around :). Can't wait to see the new site. 

Riva’s Feedback: 

I think this is good! I want more! I honestly probably need help with my about me too so take this all with a grain of salt lol! 

If you are going to keep it short, maybe throw in some pics with a timeline or describing who you are. For example, if you are going to be doing a lot of fitness related posts, maybe throw in a gym pic or 'progress' photo. Maybe even explaining why you started the blog and what you want your readers to take from it.

Hope this helps?? :D:D:D

Eric’s Feedback:

Hey Terressa,

Sorry for the late reply.

I more have comments/concerns about the big picture aspect of the website.

What is your goal?

Do you want an audience to monetize? If so how would you do that?

I understand that you want to encompass your whole life because you do interesting stuff and people find you interesting… but I would HIGHLY suggest hyper focusing on one niche i.e. fitness and just bringing the other elements of your life like your quirky personality in through your emails and snapchats etc.

People only care about you if you help them.

There are very very few generalist that do very well.

There is a phrase called “the niches get riches” and its very true. You really need to hyper focus on one niche or even better, a niche within a niche if you want to do well.

 I would consider figuring out what audience you can target within fitness. Maybe its bodyweight training, maybe its tabata.

Something like “” is WAY more appealing to me and other than a generalist website.

Again, you CAN do whatever you want but I know specializing in something and providing a lot of value around that is the way to go.

Maybe its travel! However - you don’t have a remote job (not yet at least ;) ) so I think travel would be tough since you have less to speak about. “” is a lot better to me as well.

As far as about me pages - I would google “Oh hai about us pages” I think its like I am on a plane right now so I don’t know but its a person who specializes in about me pages. She has a free ebook that has the top 10 about me pages or something for inspiration.

I would just encourage you to work backwards a bit. Find a 3-5 year goal and work backwards from there.

Hope that helps - let me know if you have any other questions.

JP’s Feedback:

Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I opened the e-mail and if I do that and don’t respond immediately It gets lost. 

First off, I really like the “free as a bird” Head Line. 

I’m the free spirited type that just can’t seem to let things go.

I don’t think you need the “just can’t seem to let things go.” 

I’d also like to know more about you and your interests outside of work so I can find other points of connection. 

Lastly, what type of heath trends are you on top of, how have they helped you? 

Hope that helps!

Stay Strong🏼, 

Amalia Feedback:

I love it! I'm sorry that I didn't have time to look at it sooner :) 

You go kick some serious ass babe ️

So, after all of that, I took some time to think about it. 

Hi, I’m Terressa and I’m so glad you’re here. I’m the free spirited type with a serious case of wanderlust. If I have a question, I’m going to ask it. If I have an idea, I’m going to try it. When I’m not writing, you can find me checking out the activity around Milwaukee, Wisconsin or moonlighting (lol) as a personal trainer. 

I decided to rebrand my fitness blog, Achieving Fit, because over the last 3 years (since I started Achieving Fit), I have grown into a more balanced, motivated and enlightened version of myself. I want to share my travels, marketing tools and fitness lifestyle with you! Don’t worry, you can still see all of my old content under the “Fitness” tag here on TerressaNicole.

Or, you can follow my ramblings on SnapChat and those oh-so-natural pictures on Instagram


The lesson I learned: things are rarely perfect the first time

When it comes to your business, your work, your hobbies or your relationships; things are rarely perfect when you first step in. Give it some time and as that saying always goes- you reap what you sew.