Beginner's Guide to a "Med Spa"

Beginner's Guide to a "Med Spa"

If you're new to the preventative game like me, you may be confused what the heck a med spa is. I was too, trust me! I've always been into the wellness game from doing yoga to lifting in the gym to talking walks but to be honest I had never really considered my skin as a preventative to (insert your insecurity or pain point here ;-)). 

Easy Recipe That Rehydrates You

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Salt has gotten a bad rap. Yes, in large amounts it can raise blood pressure and be detrimental to your heart health. But, in small, natural doses (so no, I'm not encouraging that prepackaged meal from the store with 900 mg of sodium) it's actually extremely beneficial to your body. 

How Salt Can Benefit You:

1. Regulates acidity in the body. 
2. Balances sugar levels
3. Enhances nutrient absorption
4. Maintains electrolyte balance in the body
5. Regulates water around the cells in your body

Here's a Recipe To Try:

Pink Himalayan Salt
1 Cucumber
1/2 Lime 

What to do:
Slice cucumber
Squeeze lime over slices
Take a pinch of salt over the slices

I said it was easy ;-) Anytime you're feeling a little dehydration, tired, or weak- check out this recipe to improve the rest of your day! 

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