Jobs Are Like a Relationship

I've always been the working type, working is one of my favorite things. But I've seen some similarities between dating a work life over the years...


There's definitely a honeymoon period.

Just like you get excited about a first date (interview), he (they) are doing the same thing. You're both ambitious, have a few things in common and are looking to take things to the next level. What I've noticed is there are times your goals don't align long term. You both fabricate what you're willing to put aside for the sake of a relationship (job). You may be hired for one reason that happens to be a strength of yours, and ultimately the business ends up needing you for something else you don't know as well. Once the honeymoon stage is over, it's up to you on how you perceive real life with him (the job). 

You may not like his (your job's) friends or...Mom

If your job was a man, his friends would be your coworkers and your boss...his mom. For me, if I can't get along with your friends or your mom, it's never going to work. I can learn professionalism and I can be polite but if you're a bitch, every holiday (conference) or night out (meeting) will suck. 

I have friends who disagree with this, because they can let things go easily and find the good in the ugly. To that, I commend them. Some men (jobs) are worth the fight, others are not. 


You'll get bored if there's no passion

I'm a lady driven almost entirely by passion. Really, I mean deep down, really believing in someone or something is one of the best qualities you can have. I do believe that sometimes you have to look for this passion a little harder than others, but it should still be there. Find what makes you tick, in and outside of the office, and see how you can channel that in your 9-5. 

It's not all rainbows and butterflies 

This can't be true. Instagram shows me how much people #LoveMyJob. They. Are. Lying. No relationship (job) is 100% wonderful, beautiful and glamorous all the time. What's important is finding someone (something) that's worth the fight. That's honest. That's pure. That's trustworthy. You'll move mountains if you just listen to each other. 


If it doesn't workout, you'll be okay

Whether you decide, or he does, the end can be weird. It can hurt. But it's also exciting. Who will you meet next? What changes will you take now that he (they) would have never agreed to? You, my friend are not defined by your relationship (job title). 

So, here's the crazy thing...

I've experienced all of this at one time or another. And I'm excited that I've made the decision to follow my dreams, run for the hills and take a chance on love. As of right now, when I press "post" on this, I'm officially a full time personal trainer, marketing manager and freelance marketer. Partially out of my home, and partially out of a gym. 

All the boxes check, the time is right and I'm ready to run. 

Have you ever experienced these good (or bad) parts of a job? How did you recover?