Lesson Learned: Going For What You Want

Photo by  Alex Good  on a coffee date last week. But, isn't he adorable??

Photo by Alex Good on a coffee date last week. But, isn't he adorable??

As I write this, I am sitting in the empty living room of my house that should be filled with a dog-named Arrow. Today, my fiancé and drove almost 2 hours to go look at a 40 lb, 1 year old terrier to adopt.

We had no idea how attached we were to Arrow already, and based on the shelter’s requirements, we had debated going earlier, taking off work and about 14 other scenarios but decided to let what was meant to happen, happen.

Unfortunately, what was “meant to happen” was exactly what we didn’t want.

By the time we arrived to the shelter, there were 3 other families in line to see Arrow. I was already preparing for the family who had him, to take him. But, they didn’t. Neither did the family after him. Finally, there was one couple before us left- about our age- left to take Arrow to the park and see if he was a good fit. I

’m borderline stalker material so I stepped outside a few times to look at them, the girl seemed happy, but every time Arrow saw me step outside (in my head) he got distracted and made eye contact with me. He was supposed to be ours.

The couple ended up taking Arrow. I cried at the shelter (embarrassing). On the way home there has been a lot of emotions; anger, disappointment, a little shame. And as we were talking my fiancé said something to me:

“This is the last time I don’t do everything I can to get what I want”.

We talked a little more and this turned into a life lesson we weren’t expecting. The reality is, we were in complete control of when we arrived today to get in line for something we wanted so badly. So, we ended up giving our contact information to the couple incase something doesn’t work out. We took additional steps that we were in control of.

We'll find our own Arrow someday, and we're fully ready to embrace him like he was the first! While this story is sad, and emotional to write- I hope that you take away a little part of the lesson that we learned as well! So...

My question to you is: What are you planning to go for in the next 2 weeks that will set you up for success?