Make Money Doing Your Hobbies

TerressaNicole Dogs

Sometimes I feel like I was supposed to be born a dog. One of my hobbies is to pet dogs and/or stare at them from afar at how adorable and pure they are. They make me so happy that sometimes I feel like my purpose in life was to buy a farm and just have 29 dogs living with me. 

But I live in the city. And I can’t buy a farm in the city. 

What I can do is host dogs in my house. Dead serious. We found Rover about a year ago when we purchased our home but weren’t ready for our own furry unit of love and we’re looking to make a few bucks for our savings accounts. 

Rover is like AirBnB for dogs. 

Owners and dog sitters alike download the app, you create a profile and a little something about yourself. When an owner needs a sitter for anything (vacation, emergencies, travel), they search the app and whatever feels like the best fit for them based on location, personality and price- they book. 

Dogs with TerressaNicole

My favorite dogs we’ve hosted:

Over Christmas last year, Lucy was with us for 2 weeks recovering from an ACL injury who ended up being our extra family member for the holiday. She even got presents and called her mom. She hated the hard wood floors so we purchased multiple rugs so she could at least get around on the bottom floor of the house. 

Lacy is tiny but fierce. She got so excited during a hangout sash outside that her itty bitty 20 lb frame broke a cement pot she was tied to. 

We’ve watched Doja more than once and every time she comes inside our house, you can tell she’s been there before. She even found her own spot to put her bed and will let you know if it’s not placed there upon arrival. Yes, Doja like the slang term for marijuana. We googled it too. 

Jake helped himself into our bed, which isn’t uncommon. We don’t mind sleeping with pups (swoon) but Jake was by far the most cozy we’ve experienced. For over half the night he let me spoon him, I mean full-on spoon with my arm under his belly and nose in his neck, while he put his paw over my fiance’s stomach for good measure. 

I know this is light hearted but...

My point to this, from a business sense is that there's ways to make money doing things that you love. I already want to hang out and snuggle and walk dogs; now, on occasion I make money doing it. When my day is crazy and I just want to hang out with a pure, honest being I am literally getting paid. 

Think about your hobbies, what you love doing and doing a quick search to find apps that allow you to make money from it. 

Why not?