Be Humble, b*tch, Sit Down

If you watched my latest Instagram story, you may have seen that I eluted to the idea of possibly redoing my home office and writing a blog post about it in 1.5 hours. 



I am currently sitting in my new office chair that not only took me time to save up for and wait to arrive, but also to EFFING FIND. I can't tell you how many stores and sites I looked at before I found the "right chair". 

Yet, I got so excited to share my home office remodel in 1.5 hours, I forgot that it takes way longer than 1.5 hours to redo an office. It takes months, hell, I've already invested months into this room and it still creates an echo when I talk on the phone in here. It's unprofessional AF.

As I was screwing in the legs to this chair (because of course it didn't come assembled) and brainstorming the way I was going to stage the office to "look like it was done", I quite literally stopped and told myself to accept this wasn't going to happen. Even though I told social media it would.

"stop trying to make fetch happen"

Your life doesn't take 1.5 hours to set up. It doesn't take a few clicks of a button to create and it sure as heck doesn't take switching out your chairs to make perfection. But, it's a start. Every step you take is a start. And that's what it's about. 

Stay humble, stay focused, and get shit done.


As you can see from my last blog post to now, my first month as a self-employed lad-ay has been rough. I'm trying to find my stride, prioritize my processes and feel confident in my approach to business. But, every step is a step in the right direction. So, if you were expecting a home-office pinterest-esk photo today, I'm sorry to disappoint. 

Totally kidding, I'm not sorry. 

It's coming, all of it's coming! You can expect to see some more stories of the relaunch, how it's effected me, who I've worked with and even some original sources for you to use in your own life. 

It's all coming, along with my chairs.

Until next time, TGIF.