Sugar Problems: How to get past a sugar hangover

Oh, the hangover. Honestly, any type of hangover sucks. But there's something about one you didn't plan on that makes things worse. For me, it's the sugar hangover. 

Trust me, just because I know the subject doesn't mean I'm above it. I L.O.V.E candy, cocktails, ice cream, chocolate; anything that has a ton of sugar should just have my name written on it. 

That being said, as I've changed my life the last few years, I've started to experience what it's like to feel good, what makes me feel certain ways and when the time is to indulge. Unfortunately, sometimes it still happens accidentally. 

Enter this week. 

I didn't mean to, but having the house to myself has entered the bad foods, the overeating and the lack of, you know, leaving the house. So what do you do when you've overdone it?

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How to get over the Sugar Hangover.

1. Cut. It. Out. The best way to end it all, is to actually end it. Make a plan that you can stick to and really start to dig into what will help you get out of your head. The problem with sugar is that there will be spikes and crashes which can lead to more sugar, leading to more spikes and ultimately, more crashes. Cut the sugar entirely for a few days, clean up your diet and get ready to feel better!

2. Amp up the water. Flush out the shit, and pick up the water bottle. The crashes can last for less time when you hydrate and focus on the good stuff. This can be said for vegetables, protein and keeping the carbs minimal as well.

3. Stay calm. This is a personal routine I've established. When your heart is racing from too much sugar but you're sluggish from the over indulgence, think of what would make you feel good. For me, it's breathing exercises and finding essential oils that keep me calm. Peppermint oil gives a tingling sensation that naturally energizes (but, I use it to sleep so... calming) for the stomach and shoulders and lavender oil naturally helps you increase those breathes and go into a good mental space. I also drink a big glass of Natural Calm which I found from a blogger about a year ago and has completely changed my life. 

4. Increase your fat intake. Healthy fats such as avocado and coconut oil actually help soothe your intestines and keep your organs working properly, even through distress such as high sugar intake. On top of that, healthy fats help with brain function and focus which can be sacrificed during a crash (hallelujah!)

5. Challenge yourself. For me, it used to be easier to sit on the couch during the sluggish hours and melt into the disgrace of feeling like crap. But, I encourage you to challenge yourself (i.e. using my racing heart to write a blog post) to either work out, do something that can distract you, or meditate. 

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Feel good, look good.

At the end of the day, the most important thing is to understand what makes you feel your best and to strive to achieve that as often as possible. 

Until next time!