My Portfolio

I've been fortunate to have worked with countless companies, both big and small, to help them achieve their marketing and sales goals. Here are some examples of my favorite projects!


Email Marketing


Email strategy and execution

In 2016, elevated overall email strategy by co-creating content with creative team, project management and merchandise team. From 2014-2016 email subscription increased 64% and sent 72M emails annually with KPIs including; lead generation, subscription box signups, and direct sales. Sent through MailChimp.

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Treat Yourself campaign, 2015

December 2015 launched Wantable's first holiday campaign featuring all 5 categories including Style, Fitness, Accessories, Intimates and Makeup. The campaign ran as an email initiative to increase sales purchased for "herself" during the holiday season. Sent through MailChimp.

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Lum Collective

Created email strategy for 2018 including Launch Party communication and CRM automation campaigns.
Sent through ConvertKit.

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Wild Workouts and Wellness

Utilize CRM to create automation campaign for marketing campaign through ClassPass and for event attendees. Sent through InfusionSoft.

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Social Media Marketing

The Lum collective

Audit and strategize posting  schedule for Instagram and Pinterest. Engage on Instagram to gain followers and create relationships with potential new clients. Write copy for Instagram that encourages people to respond, resulting in a 64% comment growth week over week.  

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Takeover newly created Instagram and Facebook accounts to create consistency and awareness in the Betta fish community. 

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Terressa Nicole

Personal social brand

My personal page that discusses life of being a twenty-something, marketing tips and tricks, networking opportunities and an overall grounded life. Doubled followers in less than one year through more purposeful posting and engagement with followers. 

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Content Marketing

The Busy Bee

I've been a ghost writer for The Busy Bee in an effort to support the growth of the Web Designers business while still maintaining her voice and design preferences on her blog. 

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Create weekly topics for blog content and strategize SEO for Betta fish. The primary goal is to raise awareness of safety and necessities of Betta fish, while sprinkling inbound links when it fits with the subject. 

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Lady Boss Blogger

Featured in a female entrepreneurial blog "The Lady Boss Blogger" in an extended version of a post I did on The post featured SnapChat vs Instagram stories and how to decide what works for your business.

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